Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Little Wallet

Chelsea sent me fabric and a pattern for this little wallet for my birthday, and it was the impetus for all of this change and crafting and everything.  I really loved it and wanted to make it, so that meant that I had to clean the craft room, and then finish the projects that had time limits and the ones that had been sitting for months and it was so exciting to sit down and make this little cutie!

Here it is.  Why the little fold in the side?  I think it's because my iron was a touch too hot and melted the interfacing a bit which made the fabric on the inside shrink down a little more than the outside fabric.  Oops.   

 Didn't she do a nice job picking out the fabrics?  I love them.

The part that took me the longest was remembering how to use my snap setter.  Thanks Chels!  You made my whole life a little brighter!  (You always do).

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Kelsey Gray said...

That is so adorable. And you are great at sewing.