Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lydia's quilt

Sure, I was really sick but I'm home now and that's all boring hospital blah blah blah wouldn't you rather see something pretty?

Here's Lydia's quilt!  It was a very simple strip quilt with just long stripes of different fabrics so it went together really quickly, which is the only way I have time to do anything.

I'm so pleased with the way it came out, I think the colors are beautiful.  

And for the back I used some of the left over green with this magenta and it may be a strange color combo but I love it.  

And here's the sweet graduate with her youngest cousin.  :)  

(I have a ridiculous amount of help and so I took a long nap this morning and I'm squandering the afternoon nap time when I should be working on my class...sigh...I'll get back to work now.  Thanks for all of the prayers and if you see me get cranky about feeling bad PLEASE remind me how blessed I am to have all this help.)


Melanie said...

What a vibrant, pretty quilt! Glad you are home and glad you have all that help!

Kelsey Gray said...

So glad you had help. I was blessed with help recently too.

Susan said...

That quilt is gorgeous! Now go sit down. :)