Friday, June 21, 2013

Bliggity Blogs

It sounds like Feedly is the new blog reader of choice, now that everybody's favorite is kicking the bucket.  My question is-where do I put it?  I have everything now on my iGoogle page, which will go away in November.  Any ideas?  Technology changes annoy me and make me feel like an old lady.

I want some new blogs to read!  Who are your favorite strangers?  

I like to read these:  
Clover Lane

I really need some more new craft blogs. but I'm open to any suggestions.  I cleaned my blogs all out a few Lents ago but now that I'm trying to spend more time sitting around, I could read more.  What do you like?


Susan said...

This isn't a craft blog, but my friend Kristin has a great food blog:

You could also catch up on my TV blog:

And then this is my favorite college football/sports/etc. blog:

Grantland and Vulture have great TV/movie/sports/pop culture blogs too. Happy reading!

In the Mix said...

I don't know about a new reader. I have all the blogs I read on my blogger dashboard. I love Whatever (sorry. I'm on my phone and don't know how to link). I also like Under the Sycamore. And lately I've started reading Jen Hatmaker's blog. I also read House Unseen, Life Unscripted. She's another Catholic mom blogger. I think you've read some of her stuff. She's a bit hit or miss for me. Those are the only ones I really frequent.

betsyann said...

OK! I've added all those to the reader and we'll see how long they last. I'm pretty quick to delete. Thanks for the help!

Roach Momma said...

I tested out feedly & bloglovin at the same time (in app form) & settled on bloglovin. My favorite blogs are iammommahearmeroar (she's taking the summer off after having a baby), little pink monster (can be a little crass), iheartorganizing, prudent baby (I can't remember what they changed the name to recently. That's prudent maybe?), messy parents messy kids & raising Godly children (not craft, but insightful articles & updated daily). Now to go check out the blogs you listed! :)