Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer 2013 List!

So let's look at Spring--

Spring 2013

1.   Renew Driver's License!
2.  Make a 13 list before the year is half over.
3.  Put the binding on my quilt for the couch.
4.  Make Lydia a blanket.
5.  Make Abby a blanket.
6.  Finish dumb required Library Class and enroll in Summer class.
7.  Finish moving photos to new albums.
8.  Choose patience and gentleness. I'm working on it, anyway.
9.  Plant vegetable garden. 
10.  Plant flowers.
11.  Play outside whenever possible.
12.  Sew with my aunts-Anna's 4H project.
13.  Run away with the kiddos.
14.  Go shopping with Katrina.
15.  Make a baby gift (or just be honest with myself and buy one)
16.  Something to the college nieces and nephews.  I missed this-why is college over so early?  I feel bad, but I'm hoping just crossing it off will help me to LET IT GO.
17.  Get enough sleep.
18.  Don't "work" on Sundays.
19.  Tidy up office.
20.  Have fun at Easter.  Don't worry about any of it.  

Not too bad.  I don't feel bad about that.   I like not working on Sundays, and I've been good about getting to bed on time (of course, crushing fatigue from sickness helps with that-but even before!  Except for those weeks when I stayed up crazy late to finish my class...oops...

I think the biggest and best thing was tidying up my craft room/studio/office and trying hard to take nap time for myself.  And playing outside in the mornings has been good for all of us.  I'm really hoping next week  I feel good and back to normal.  Harvest is here!  No time for being lazy  being sick.  

Summer 2013

1.  Keep moving photos to new albums
2.  Finish Abby's blanket
3.  All the 4H everything and the Fair
4.  Run away with the kiddos.  Nope, that still never happened.
5.  Get rid of my Gall Bladder.
6.  Swim swim swim   Sad.  We didn't even use up our one book of passes this year.  
7.  Take more videos of cute kids.   I did take a few more videos, but not as many as I would like.  
8.  Finish LIBR 857.
9.  Rearrange Library at School.   I'm STILL waiting on the shelves I was supposed to get this summer!
10.  Think about the future of photo albums and best use of time.  

Only 10 things!  That means loads of time for spontaneous projects.  Or making gatorade, more likely.  

Happy Summer!


Kelsey Gray said...

I can relate to the fatigue from illness. Hugs and prayers on your surgery and thanks for reminding me to stay happy! :)

In the Mix said...

I read Manhappiness in #4. :) It looks like good list.