Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Schedule

I work better if I have a schedule.  I know it won't work like this 90% of the time, because there are all sorts of other things, but just making and posting a schedule helps me to sort through the days in my mind (and hopefully remember about meals and stuff).  Here's the goal for this summer:

Summer 2013 Schedule
6:30 -- Up, Shower, Dress
7:00 -- Breakfast, prep day, internet, kids breakfast
8:00 -- Kids up, dress, eat.
8:30 -- Outside Prayer/Bible time
9:15 -- Work Garden/Play outside
11:15 -- Make lunch and lunches, eat and deliver
12:30 -- naps K and J, A read and math and free time.
2:30 -- Up and pool clothes
3:00 -- Swim
6:00 -- Home and dinner/dinners
7:00 -- Chores and piano
8:00 -- Play outside
9:00 -- Kids Bed

10:30 -- Bed 

I'm curious--how do you order your days?  Any time management tips for the chronically surprised-by-the-passage-of-time?


Melanie said...

Phew, I'm glad there's a name for why I'm always late: "chronically surprised-by-the-passage-of-time"! Ha, no tips here, except setting timers, then there is a audible reminder of how much time has passed. We used to do that on school mornings, the timer meant, 'time to get in the van!' I wonder why I quit doing that...and I wonder if there's a correlation to why we were tardy more the second semester!

I think it's super hard to set a schedule for summer for us--so many different things going on. But I can tell it would be helpful to my kids to have some sort of consistent routine--so they weren't surprised when I tell them it's time to do chores. :)

Roach Momma said...

Our routine is pretty similar. I definitely plan to be out and about in the mornings before the heat really kicks in. Afternoons are for movie watching and chores when it's too hot to do anything else. Like you said, summer's hard. We haven't had a chance to have a "normal" day since school got out. First week was an all day VBS, then vacation and now a 1/2 day VBS this week. I'd better nail down my plan for next week!

betsyann said...

I was thinking this morning that there has not been a SINGLE day that we followed this schedule exactly, but it does still help me. I'll have to try timers-we've done that for Anna, but not for me! :)

VBS's keep messing with me too! But that's a good thing. :)

Jenny said...

I think your schedule looks fantastic. With our boys being a little older and more independent and enamored with video games (so we end up structuring our day around the hours they are allowed to play), our schedule looks quite different. But I agree, it's good to have some idea of rough guidelines even if there isn't a single day you follow it exactly.