Monday, May 05, 2014

Beautiful Christmas

I have been trying to figure out why dozens of strangers started following my Beautiful Christmas board on Pinterest and then I got this email.

Good news!
Your board is now being featured onPinterest.

Hi there,
One of your boards has been picked to be one of the recommended boards for new Pinners to follow when they first sign up for Pinterest.
What this means: we think your board is amazing, and it really demonstrates what Pinterest is all about! Also you might notice a bunch of new people following your board for the next little while.
Thanks for Pinning with us,
- The Pinterest Community Team
Get back to Pinning

It makes me giggle.  I think that this board is the silliest and least practical of all of my boards.  It's just pictures of old cards and other Christmas things that make me smile and sigh a happy sigh.  

The internet is a funny place.  Here's the board if you're curious.  

Follow Betsy's board Beautiful Christmas on Pinterest.

1 comment:

Susan said...

It really is a gorgeous board. :)