Friday, May 30, 2014

Library Wrap Up

Year two of being a librarian and I think that I can say (though it feels disloyal) that I like being a librarian even more than I liked being a Spanish teacher.  I can't decide if that means it's a better fit, or if it is just that it is much easier to teach children when you are all speaking the same language.  Anyway, I love it.

This semester we circulated 30,085 books!  We had amazing parent volunteers who came to the school in the afternoons to shelve books and have a checkout time for kids.  I even had two parents who came and helped me do inventory of all 8,000 books in the last week of school.  I was nervous about losing our Para this year, but our parents really filled the gap.  

I read 603 picture books and 36 chapter books.  I learned that I need to have a concrete goal or I won't find time to read.

The Spring Reading Party was "Origamirama" and 36 kids earned a ticket.  We made Origami boxes with lids and made candy sushi to put inside the boxes.  The kids loved it.  One 2nd grader even showed his box the next week at 4-H for his project talk because he thought it was "the coolest thing he had ever made"  because "it didn't even use tape to hold it together".    

I saw the Roald Dahl's Miss Honey Social Justice Award when it was announced at the end of March and decided at that moment that we'd figure out some kind of project to enter, and since I have wonderful teachers to work with, we did a month long festival of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory activities that culminated with a week of making blankets for babies in Ecuador.  A rowing friend from KSU lives and works in Ecuador, and she allowed us to partner with her.  She works with women who are in jail, who keep their children with them until they are two years old.  Our kids got really excited about making blankets for these babies, and made 13 tied fleece blankets and 22 embroidered flannel blankets.  Even if we don't win the fabulous prizes, the kids learned how to embroider, how to think a little about the rest of the world, and some little babies got something soft to hold.  

And now HERE'S TO SUMMER!!!!!


Melanie said...

Sounds like a great year! You did some very ambitious things, and that is so sweet about the blankets. Your school is blessed to have such a caring and engaged librarian. Happy summer!

Susan said...

Best librarian ever. Can I come work for you?