Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Cover Ups!

I found this fabric at Goodwill this Spring and instantly knew I wanted to make cover ups out of it.  It's kind of a super light terry cloth.

But that's crazy!  Who has time to make cover ups?  Not the girl who was behind on everything, including her class and her job and her house and her life.

But I got it anyway because it was $2.00 and dreams are important.

I spent the next few bath times perusing patterns and tutorials online and thinking about what to do.  (I mostly play on Pinterest while the kids are in the bath.  I look forward to it so much!)  

And somehow, after the class was done and the office tidied, I started cutting and sewing and a week later they were all done!

We tried them out last week.  They all have hoods, but Anna's is sleeveless.  Not quite enough fabric, and I didn't think she'd be as cold as the little ones.  

 Lately when I ask Katie to smile she says "Let's make a sad face instead."  
I used this pattern for all three, just lengthening and biggering for Anna's and kind of fudging on the hood.  

Yay for Summer!  

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Susan said...

Those are adorable. They're totally Mom, don't you think? I feel like I've seen scraps of that fabric in the sewing room.