Friday, June 20, 2014

Ingleside 6/13/14

I snitched this from Dad's house.  I think it started life as a bedspread, and then when I was little we used it for a picnic blanket, and now it's a nice dark busy tablecloth that doesn't show the mess.  Sisters-let me know if I need to give it back.  :)

I think Abby's taking Anna's twin bed to college.  I figure if it's leaving in August, there's no sense moving it to the basement for two months, so we're just living around it.  Sometimes lazy=happy.

Anna's been changing the greeting every few days.  I think we're on "Guten tag" today.  

I had to read this for my children't lit class.  So many ranty things to say about it.  At the very least, I don't think filthy language is necessary, just lazy, and kids deserve original plot just as much as the rest of us.  What makes me crazy is that when people list their favorite books, they are always the great ones-Little House on the Prairie, Anne, Around the World in 80 Days, Ramona, The Boxcar Children-and none of these resorted to using hot button issues in the news to be controversial and "interesting" to the kids of the day.  So why do we underestimate kids now?  I wish I were a writer sometimes, but I don't want to be one.  

Going to town for the day involves so much planning!  And six bags.  If we have something in town in the morning, and something else in the afternoon, it doesn't make sense to go back and forth so--  We need the swimming suits and towels, the library books and all of the papers for Summer Reading, and jammies to change into after lessons, and any papers for errands that need to be run, and a textbook to read during naps, and blankies for naps...  *sigh*  You'd think with all of this practice, I'd start to enjoy thinking ahead, but not yet.  It just makes me feel crazy.  

But then we go to the pool, and everything is beautiful.  Golly, I love Summer.

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Susan said...

I'm keeping tabs on that tablecloth... it seems like it might rightfully belong at Gillespie one day, but I'll let you break it in for now. :)