Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014 List!

So how'd we do this Spring?

Spring 2014

1.  LIBR 859--Done! One more, Praxis test, all over!!!
2.  Easter!  Have a super fun party hopefully with some friends.  Find the line between making things fun and being ridiculous and making myself crazy.   Lovely and perfect.
3.  Anna's Birthday!  Have a party.  See above.
4.  Clean up (out) my craft room.  Yes, but then Katie came down on her own and torpedoed the place again.  With red glitter.  I'll cross this out too if I clean it up AGAIN.
5.  Make Cover Ups for all three kiddos. This was so much fun that I also made matching outfits.  
6.  Finals Boxes to College Kids.  
7.  Finish Bible Project.   Nope.  
8.  Alleluia Banner I just put the Anna mantle up right after Easter.  Maybe next year.  
9.  Mending Basket  I dread this so much!  But it wasn't bad.  
10.  Mail pile of things to be mailed.    10 things!  Poor postman thought we'd never finish. 
11.  Plant garden.  Be ambitious, but not crazy.  See #2.  Nope, even though poor Spencer finished tilling it up for me, tired Mama never got anything planted.  We'll just cover it with some black plastic and call it a fallow year.  

Not too bad!

Summer 2014

1.  The Fair!  All the projects, all the paperwork, all the events, all the animals-relax and enjoy.  Specifically:  
  • Sundress
  • T-shirt dress
  • Orange Poppyseed cookies
  • Apricot Spice Bars
  • Pig
  • Goat
  • Photography
  • Art piece
  • Crochet
  • Field Crops
2.  Finish Grazie's blankie! At the cabin-hooray!
3.  Write "Remarks" for AASL reception in Las Vegas.
4.  Go to Vegas and have a super fun time with MJL.
5.  Swim and hang out with Abby and have fun. 95 passes used this summer!  and 15 sno cone flavors knocked off the list.  :)
6.  2 year portraits of Mr. Jimmy and family pictures-cabin? Oops, no family pictures.  Hopefully we can do that this Fall.  
7.  Continue working on Study Room with Abby.  Really making progress! 
8.  Sort Mom's sewing stuff into my studio. It's not all sorted, but it's a start.
9.  Finish READ 861 and get certified as a librarian! Just waiting on paperwork now.  So exciting!
10.  Make box into "drawer" for Katie's clothes in new room.  
11.  Start a new school year.  Breathe and be easy.  
12.  Father's Day Paintings
13.  Finish Bible project for Jimmy's Birthday?  In progress though!  
14.    Filing in Office I did it once, but it built up again!  Silly papers.    Done again.
15.  Lobmeyer Banner?  I decided it would make more sense to make one the same time as I make Grazie's, once we know names and stuff.  :)

That's enough.  Hooray for Summer!

That's plenty!  Hooray for Summer!

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In the Mix said...

That is one ambitious summer list. I love your optimism. :)
Can you imagine what the Fair list will look like with four+ kids!?!