Monday, November 03, 2014

Bossy Betsy:Halloween Clearance

I apologize if you all already know about this--I thought everyone in the world did, but this Halloween season I saw several references to pumpkin carving being dangerous--even one from one of those giant parenting blogs with zillions of followers--so I just have to make sure.

If you are still trying to carve pumpkins with sharp knives-STOP!  Your life is about to get awesome.  The little pumpkin carving kits are amazing and wonderful and totally safe and about a katrillion times easier to use than knives.  AND they will go to at least 75% off, probably 90% off if you're patient, now that Halloween is past.

You just need to wait as long as you feel comfortable, then buy a kit for each one of your children, because the knives are a bit flimsy.  I broke two this year because I was being impatient.  But you can afford that because each kit has multiple knives and they're 75% off.

Now--throw away the instruction book that comes with the kit!  It will just give your children grandiose ideas about what pumpkins should look like, steal their creativity, and frustrate them.  Plus it's much easier to store a little baggie full of knives.  Just throw it inside your Halloween box or in one of your trick or treating pumpkins.

I think it's OK to keep all of the other little tools because they're fun to experiment with and don't cause too much trouble.

Last year I bought a couple of these scoops-and they were great.  They really got the guts out quickly.

Don't we look happy?  All of these kids carved pumpkins with very little supervision.  No injuries, all fun.  

Bossy Betsy out.


Melanie said...

Um, yeah...We (okay, I) were the ones with 4 kids working with paring knives! Either we broke our tools last year or I couldn't find them! Great reminder to look for them on clearance!

Susan said...

Did we use these as kids? I remember knives and Mom being nervous and general STRESS. Am I remembering that right?

betsyann said...

YES Susu! These little knives are amazing and wonderful and have revolutionized pumpkin carving. Mom would have loved them.

Roach Momma said...

I started using these in late high school, maybe? (my memory's not that great) and I LOVE them! I stocked up last year and was so happy to have plenty of supplies this year. The perfectionist in me loves the stencils, though and I can't bear to throw them away ;)