Monday, March 31, 2008

Quarterly Checkup

I was thinking--maybe I'd do a better job with my resolutions if I thought about them more than just once a year. So, as we're finishing up the first quarter of this year, I thought I'd check in. **may be exceptionally boring post**

Be more healthy:
1. 5 fruits and veggies a day.--I think I am actually doing this most days. Woohoo!
2. 8 glasses of water.--Varies widely. But I think I'm drinking more water than last year, so that's something.
3. 7 hours of sleep a night.--Sometimes. I'm still working on it.
4. Get up before school to use my new treadmill!--I've given up on this one, as it is not possible to get enough sleep and get up before school. I've compromised- I use the treadmill in the afternoon, when I'm already up.
5. Incorporate new fruits and veggies into our lives.--Hmmm, I don't think I've really tried much new at all this year. Too busy so far. I'll have to work on this one.

Be more happy:
1. Try to sit more, not rush from one project to the next.--Total failure? Though I have been trying to watch TV with Matthew at night sometimes.
2. See more friends, make time to talk on the phone.--Nope. Worse than ever, I think. :(
3. Be nicer to Matthew.--Yes? I'll have to ask him.
4. Enjoy Anna.--Any tips on enjoying her when she's whiny? Because otherwise I'm doing ok, but the whining drives me crazy.

Be more holy:
1. Don't sleep too late to go to church. Enjoy both services.--Doing much better! New resolution--don't be late.

2. Read through the Bible.--Umm, we read though Anna's Bible, does that count? Otherwise, nope.
3. Pray more in a more focused way.--We may be figuring this out, praying with Anna and all together as a family is nice, and I've been trying to use my treadmill time too, but I sometimes feel bad multitasking God.

1. Support more local business and buy more handcrafted things.--Yes and no. We bought a lot of stuff for the bedroom online, and I forgot and bought the paint from Home Depot instead of J&M, I have done some shopping on Etsy, just no purchasing yet.

2. Take the GRE and start my master's program.--Application all done, now I wait!

3. Find more new music to love.--So far, pretty good. In January my Student Teacher introduced me to Bebe, from Spain. I love love love this CD (Pafuera telaraƱas). We had a great time poring over the lyrics with dictionaries trying to figure out which songs were clean and which were the reason for the EXPLICIT LYRICS warning. Bad words vary from country to country, so what's bad in Spain isn't in Mexico, and vise versa. It's a super fun CD, and I can recommend it without reservation, because most of you don't even speak Spanish, and won't know where the bad words are. (There really aren't too many)

In February Linda gave me a copy of Carla Bruni Quelqu'un M'a Dit. It's very calm and nice and in French, and I've loved it too.

In March...I don't think there's been anything perfect yet this month. Linda introduced me to She & Him, Volume One, and it was fun, but I haven't heard the whole CD yet. So, you all have one more day to give me a March album to love.

How're your resolutions going?


melanie said...

How are mine going? Ummm. No comment?

dbilberry said...

Tip for the whining per your request: tell her if she wants to whine she can go whine in her room (or crib)and when she is done she can come out. That works well with Kadyn for the whiny cry. If it is a voice tone thing tell her you would be happy to listen to her when she can talk in a normal tone of voice. Demonstrate both for her so she understands what you are talking about when you say whine. I've seen this done on a TV show. Good luck! I know it can drive you batty.

mllr said...

How about Gords Gold by Gordon Lightfoot...mostly happy upbeat fun music...I guarantee it.

You are doing great on resolutions, by the way.

Also I don't believe that Anna is ever whiny.

Drrty Joe said...

I just dove into a couple of Mike Doughty's cds in earnest. Catchy choruses and fun, almost "jammy" accompanyments. There's my recommendation for the moment!

melanie said...

Don't talk to me about whining. :) Here's my favorite song of the moment: 'Bleeding Love' by Liona Lewis (X factor winner) Check it out on youtube. (But the video is kind of skanky. There is a video of just lyrics.)