Thursday, April 03, 2008

Goodbye, sweet friend

Matthew bought me a new car. He says that when we got Prissy I was sad and just missed Iggy. He says it wasn't until she told me her name that I loved her. I guess I'll love my new car too, but I think I'll always miss Prissy a little.
  • Bringing Anna home from the hospital.
  • Driving home from Denver for Katrina's wedding, with Chelsea and Brandi and Katrina, feeling like no time had passed since High School.
  • Getting stuck in Traffic for hours in the Smoky Mountains, tossing gum to fellow travelers, scaring Katrina.
  • Going to Henderson TN, instead of Hendersonville in search of Johnny Cash's grave.
  • Leaving her lights on at the State Fair Brad Paisley Concert. Katrina and I trying to jump-start her.
  • Anna's crazy poo explosion in Limon on our first big trip together.
  • Exploring Kansas.
  • Driving all over Corpus Christi with Susan looking for the Selena Museum, and wondering where all the people were.
  • Ringing in 2006 with Matthew driving through Scott City, singing Tiny Dancer at the top of our lungs.
  • Mice living in the car that cold winter.
  • Playing Fiona Apple loudly on bad days at the High School.
  • Playing Vico C loudly on good ones.
  • Accidentally going to the airport instead of the hotel in Wichita with Abby.
  • Learning where my turn was when we moved out to the country.

Please share your Prissy memories. I'd love to know. And a prize to the first person to guess how many miles I put on her in the 52 months I had her. Within 1,000.

I feel like I ought to be sending her off into the world with a little personal ad on her windshield--

"Single White Female, loves long trips, the beach, loud Spanish music and Johnny Cash. Looking for love AND a good time."


lobiwan said...

Pulling Prissy out of the sand in Sagebrush the morning of Jeanette's Wedding after a certain person misjudged her cornering ability.

lobiwan said...

Changing the battery in Aggieville with DANM.

lobiwan said...

Driving through Westcliffe with the windows down and Beck blaring with Susan and Abby

lobiwan said...

Driving home through the blizzard with Linda and Anna.

lobiwan said...

Bottoming out down the entire length of our road every time it rained.

AmicusDei said...

Have a great day! Blessings!

Trinket said...

The Smoky Mountains, the gum, hauling you back into the car after you gave the gum to the semi driver, (I had reason to be scared!) gummy hot dog, slushy machine breakage, the video we made during that trip, music listened to on the radio, compiling our song list for the trip, all the rain when I drove, and the drive to KS with all of you from here for my wedding. I'll miss Prissy, too.

melanie said...

I love the way you tell your memories, sounds like such a rich (not the money way, the other way) and exciting life!

jmlo said...

I knew Prissy before she was Prissy...

betsyann said...

lobiwan--4 of your 5 memories are cranky ones!


trinket--it occurred to me while making the list that you and Prissy are very linked in my heart. Lots of Prissy memories are you memories.

melanie--thanks, that's a really nice compliment.

jmlo--Pre-Prissy memories also quite welcome. You loved her first.

linda jean said...

Jmlo and I were talking about pre-Prissy memories. She arrived in our lives during law school and Prissy dropped her off in Denver on her way to her new life in Oregon. We took that car to the Alabaster Caverns in Oklahoma with Eric. That was the day I tried to make JMLO seem particularly desirable by being sickly and getting a horrible nosebleed. As Prissy, she took us to a Gathering in Lucas. She took us to Megan's wedding and I annoyed Betsy with my gooey relationship. If Prissy were a Velveteen Rabbit she would be a real car now. The question about Prissy is whether or not cars go to heaven(of course Prissy has more time on this earth, but someday).

betsyann said...

lj--I love the velveteen rabbit idea. Makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.