Monday, April 28, 2008

Spinning...Or...Is this why I'm late for everything?

Here's my today so far.

Get home from school, talk to Poppa Marion, note that Anna is in a really good mood. Mentally thank Katrina for her prayers. Look at the computer for a minute and listen to the LOONG annoying song Shauna posted. Since the song is STILL going on, and Anna's happy, go ahead and get out the yarn to choose next project. Play yarn with Anna and decide what to make. Notice fabric on table to make blanket for another baby. Anna wants to sew. OK, lay out blanket and stitch it up with Anna on lap. Turn right side out, decide it needs to be ironed before top-stitching.

On the way to the ironing board, remember that Matthew will be home soon for lunch, and will be more interested in eating than top-stitching. Lay blanket on ironing board for later. See Washing Machine. Remember that it's laundry day. Better start a load. Check dryer, still has work clothes in it. Take work clothes to bedroom to fold. Can't put them on bed, bed is not made. Make bed.

Change out of work clothes, notice the bathroom is messy. Tidy bathroom. Ask Anna to help pick up clothes off of the floor and put in hamper. Anna is Clifford, notices new books as she crawls across the floor with a t-shirt in her mouth. Anna asks for a story. Read a story. Read "just one more". Explain to Anna that Daddy will be home ANY MINUTE. Try to make her laugh and distract her by pretending Daddy will be a big hungry bear. Fail. Listen to Anna whine and cry for another story.

Walk by Anna's kitchen and pick it up quickly while thinking that she should really be doing it herself. Go into the kitchen to start lunch, can't start until counters are clear, begin to tidy kitchen. Find strange cup/spoon/yogurt contraption by Anna's highchair. Take it apart to wash it. Anna flops on the floor crying "Don't do that to my birdhouse!" Apologize. Start lunch.

Ask Anna to pick up her shoes and put them away. Ask again. Count to 3. Put screaming child on time-out. Cut up an apple, get out carrots. Talk to Anna about why she's on time-out. Give hugs.

Tell her to put her shoes away. Ask again. Count to 3. Put screaming child back on time-out.

Pour drinks, set table, give Matthew lunch. Talk to Anna about why she's on time-out. Give hugs. Tell her to put her shoes away.

Go with her to her room to help put on her slippers. Change diaper. Anna tearfully asks for a nap. Put her in her bed and put on the Cinderella story tape. Notice on the way back to the kitchen that the washer's done. Put clothes in dryer, start new load. Matthew is done with lunch. Sit down to eat. Think about the last 3 hours. Wonder how 3 hours can feel like 20 minutes.

Blog about it.


melanie said...

I love it!! Multiply the whining by 3 and add a couple spankings, and there's one of my days. :) Minus the yarn. Thanks for a great post!

Jenny said...

I loved reading this. At least your distractions are all productive and/or valuable! I am so distractable, too, but mine are often emails, blogs, books I want to read, etc. As a result, Samuel's 10 am nap was at 11 am today, and I still need to have Jacob sit down and do the math worksheet and reading I got out for him earlier. Oh, and I need to help him practice the piano, too.

It sounds like you're doing a great job amidst the spinning. :-) Thanks for sharing a piece of your day.

In the Mix said...

Thanks for this post. I laugh at this post because it is all too true for me (multiply whining/crying by 2) and add in a couple spanks for good measure. :)

Brandy said...

Love the article about you teaching Spanish in the telegram.