Monday, April 14, 2008

Little boxes

I made a couple of little boxes this weekend. I found the kit at Goodwill a while ago, it's been in the project pile. They were pretty fun to make, and I like to think about using them to wrap presents for years and years. I also got to do a couple of things I've never done before. I used iron-on interfacing and tried out the "stipple" quilting method (meandering stitch) I drew some lines on the fabric and then just tried to follow them. I'll need LOTS more practice at that if I ever want to use it on something real.

I used slurmies instead of ribbon, because I love slurmies.

Here they are:

And inside views with gifts for scale.


mllr said...

Those are darling slurmy or slurmie a real word?

betsyann said...

I don't think so. I loved those fat yarns when I was young, and I called them slurmies. I think they were named after the worm on Sesame Street, Slimy.