Saturday, April 26, 2008


I've been fusing plastic bags together today. I opened the door and I sure couldn't smell any fumes, but you know how my nose is...I feel a little lightheaded and nauseous.

So if you want to fuse plastic--GOOD VENTILATION is important--otherwise it's very easy. Here's the tutorial I used. I recommend just using one piece of parchment paper that you move around under the iron, it's easier to see that way. And when sewing it's a little easier to sew with parchment over the plastic, some of the plastics really clung to the presser foot. You can just pull the paper away when you're done and feel very cool and professional.

Anyhoo--here are pictures of what I made.
A bagand a little pouch (why? what on earth for?)

This one has the same awkward shape all of my bags do. When I'm making bags, I always do it just like Megan showed me, with the folded in bottom. I wonder if I should try a different method sometime. This is what usually happens. I sew the sides together, fold in my corners, and think about a nice wide bottom. Then I sew it all up and turn it back right side out and the bottom is too wide and the bag is not deep enough anymore. And when sewing plastic--you can't rip out your stitches to redo it.

Plus for this project--I used some of the bags that I had from Mexico that I've been saving forever because they had Spanish on them and I couldn't just throw them away. Downside--proof that if you save something, eventually you will figure out what to do with it.

Also here are photos of the pale star blankie I've been working on. A shot of the whole thing and a close up for colors. I used up several scraps on this one, that made me happy. The very pregnant mama at my school was happy with it too.

I'm currently deciding what to start next. I have 4 more babies on the list, but I kind of want to crochet something different, so maybe I'll sew for those babies.

Now maybe time for a glass of water.


linda jean said...

I can't believe that there aren't any comments yet about how amazingly cool your new bad is.

linda jean said...

bag is not bad

Momma M said...

Little bags help with storing little objects in bigger bags, so that one can find one's lip balm quickly. You are so clever, Lady.

mllr said...

wow, Betsy those bags are amazingly cool... and I am not saying that because of Linda. The star quilt is wonderful too!