Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good things about growing up.

(Happy Happy Birthday Phinn!)

I'm 30 now, but 30 still sounds young and hip to me, so I'm not worried.

I was thinking today about the things that I like about being (at least on paper) a grown-up. Here's a little list.

1. Having my own bottle of super-glue. (it was actually this joy that prompted the list)
2. Staying up late.
3. Having my own house.
4. Living with Matthew.
5. Anna.
6. Taking trips whenever I want.
7. Buying candy bars at gas stations on said trips.
8. Having matching dishes.
9. Feeling good about who I am.
10. Not having to do math.

Here's Writer's Almanac for today. Thanks Dad!


Susan said...

You get Anne Lamott, Gatsby AND Pulitzer for your birthday? I am so jealous. I just have Faulkner and Will Smith. Boo.

And I totally know what you mean about candy bars on trips. What a liberating feeling.

Happy happy birthday, sister!

Trinket said...

Happy Birthday, Betsy!!

linda jean said...

We have very different lists. One nice thing about getting older: individuality.

jmlo said...

Happy Birthday! :) Thirty is young and hip!

malh said...

When I was twenty-something, the hip show to watch was thirty-something(I didn't like it, but the young and hip girl I was boarding with did). Happy birthday and heres to a young and hip decade!

mllr said...

You are young and hip and what a happy list!

melanie said...

Happy late birthday! I wish I was hip, but I'm just 30. :)