Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bringing Up Bebé

I saw Bringing Up Bebé at the Library the other day and picked it up.  Such a fun read!  I love reading about what we (former *sniff*) language teachers call "small c" culture-the real life sorts of things that make countries different.  This book was chock full of "small c" culture, interesting and funny.  It's my kind of parenting book too-all about limits and being firm and encouraging independence.

One of the items discussed was baking with children-and she includes a recipe for gateau au yaourt (yogurt cake) that French kids learn to bake all by themselves.  (Here's another Mama's post about it-with recipe)  Sounds like fun to me.  

Anna made it all by herself!  

I couldn't find whole milk yogurt, so we used nonfat, and a little basket of raspberries.  Could use more, I think.  

Then, because we had fresh cake and it was recommended to serve it with tea, Anna decided we should have a tea party.  

We had a lovely time.


dbilberry said...

I'm on a parenting book kick lately too. Your girls are just precious! Tea parties are so fun.

The Gray Roach said...

I have to get it just so Charis can make that cake!