Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fabric fun

In my little snippets of free time I've been working on my scrap basket.  I'd like to cut all of them into 1.5" strips to use in scrap quilts.  I have bins for light and for dark.  I'm getting there....once I get caught up, hopefully I will just have this be another step in the project and then I'll always have something fun to play with.  

With the really tiny bits (I have a terrible time throwing anything away) I've started a postage stamp quilt.  I figure this'll take years and years and years and that sounds like fun.  It's easier for me to throw away tiny bits if I'm using at least one more part of them.  So I cut 1.5" squares and sew 64 together at a time to make blocks.  

Someday this will be a super fun quilt.


Momma M said...

Wow. And what size quilt are you aiming for... queen?

Susan said...

That's going to be awesome! Tiny little snippets of all the projects though the years. Make sure to put my wedding fabrics in there too.

Melanie said...

this makes me smile...and wish that I had some 'free time' to do it, too!

betsyann said...

I have no idea how big-I only have one block done now... Maybe I'll just count up when I'm 50 and see what I can do. :)

Thanks, Sus-will do!

I know Mel, I'm enjoying this luxurious summer, I'm sure "free time" will disappear when Threesie gets here, and I don't know when it'll come back!

In the Mix said...

When I first started reading that you had a way to use of tiny scraps I was super excited. You know I have the same sickness and save pieces that will probably never see a quilt.
However, when I got down the picture I realized your fix isn't quick or easy. So, I will continue searching for something that utilizes my pieces and await your beautiful creation to be seen in 15 years or so. :)

betsyann said...

As long as you're not super concerned with all the corners matching up perfectly, it really doesn't take too long. I made pairs and 4 squares and 8's, etc and I think it took about one hour to make the whole block, counting lugging my pregnant self up the stairs to iron between each step (I really should get another iron to keep downstairs). And there's no color matching or keeping things organized, so it's nice and brainless.