Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages (Spanish) 

Here's what I read-along with hundreds of pages of articles.  

In this stack the top four are books that I picked for my Independent Study this summer.  Pretty fun.   

In this stack-some impressively boring titles.   New Perspectives on Grammar Teaching...?  
Actually interesting.  

 I think Principles of Language Learning and Teaching was my first book.  

You can see my portfolio here:  Watch out for self-aggrandizing educational mumbo jumbo.  
My friend Jenny edited THIS ENTIRE THING.  Amazing.  

For my independent study this summer I made this website:  apracticar.net  It's a place to collect resources for maintaining my Spanish-or for anyone else who wants to practice and doesn't have a formal class.  
My friend Heath was a huge enormous gigantic help with this.   

Hard to believe I'm done!  Now it's time to plan a trip to Hattiesburg for graduation in December.

Oh, and start my new Library classes at Fort Hays August 20.  

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Susan said...

Congrats! The book titles in library school are exceptionally boring. But hey, thanks to the Olympics, you know about Tim Berners-Lee. That puts you miles ahead.