Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting ready for Threesie

 I boiled all of Katie's rejected binkies.  Threesie will have lots of options!

Abby and I moved the mattress back upstairs and into the corner.  To try and mimic her crib, we put a gate around the bed.  And because I love that wallpaper and don't trust her little fingers, I had Matthew and Spencer put a sheet of plexiglass to cover it right there.  Over her head are pictures of Grammy Rita and Great Great Grandma Katie.  That's been on my list for so long!  

We moved the chair over in front of the window by the crib.  Will Katie stay asleep for night nursing?  I hope so!

This old old piece of quilt was a gift from one of my dear bonus parents.  It fits perfectly on the changing table and makes me happy every day.   I love that I get to use it daily in its third life.  

I put in some drawer dividers.  Katie jammies on one side, Threesie on the other.  And then they each get just one drawer.  We're going to have to be ruthless about clothes.  We have too many anyway.

I couldn't have done all of this without Abby.  What a great auntie.  Matthew and Spencer did the Plexiglass installation on their rainy day off.  What a lucky Mama I am.

Just maybe-we're ready.  Though I'm still pulling for August.  :)

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Melanie said...

Looks like you're ready--great job!