Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I love the farm. #3

I don't know how to get a picture of the glistening green corn.  It's so much prettier than this.
I decided I love the summer fields because they're so tidy.
All even and smooth and uniform in color, it's beautiful and soothing to drive around in the summer. 


Momma M said...

Another thing about Kansas farms that fascinated me when we first moved here were the grids and circles of the fields. Since the roads were perpendicular, a person can give directions like "4 miles north and 8 miles west then you're at our north field." Not the cow paths and logging roads of Pennsylvania that make you direction-challenged on a cloudy day.

Melanie said...

Maybe you could lie down in between rows and take a picture looking up? I was worried about losing one of our children in the tall corn up in NE last weekend--it was taller than all the adults!