Monday, June 18, 2007

A little bit of catch up

Months and months ago-there were two comment questions that I've never gotten around to answering. It's summer now, so I have time to catch up everything. I adore my job. I don't know what I would do without a summer.

Michele wanted the recipe for Spaghetti Squash with Tomato and Parmesan. This is from the Betty Crocker cookbook.

1lb Spaghetti Squash
2-4 tomatoes
clove garlic
1T olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp basil
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 cup grated Parmesan

*Cut squash in half lengthwise and remove seeds and fibers. Salt and pepper, dot with butter. Place in baking dish with 1/4" water and bake @400 30-40 minutes.
*Saute tomatoes, garlic, and spices in olive oil.
*Dig out fibers of squash with fork and top with tomato mixture and Parmesan.

I loved this. It was so tasty. I'm sure the original recipe calls for onion, but I usually take that out. This is from my recipe book, so it's how I fixed it, not necessarily how Betty would. I also think there may be other ways to cook the squash-I don't know if you can cook it whole?

And Sarah asked what kinds of Spanish music I've been listening to. Here's a list of my favorites, in no particular order.

1. Ricardo Arjona: "Si el norte fuera el sur"--This is one of my very favorite favorites. I got it in college, and realized this year that I must listen to it quite a bit, because Matthew was able to sing along as he walked through the kitchen. For him to know the words, but not the language-impressive. I got it because we did a unit on "Ella y él" (#3) in my advanced conversation class. It's still one of my favorite songs ever. I haven't ever gotten any more of his CD's, I don't know why.

2. Vico C: "En honor a la verdad"--Spanish Christian Rap. It's so good. I have "Emboscada" too, and I like it. I like "En honor a la verdad" a bit more.

3. Shakira: "Dónde están los ladrones"--This is actually Linda's. I should give it back. It's a great album. I have "Pies descalzos" too, but this one is my favorite.

4. Selena: "Amor prohibido" is my favorite, but punk kids stole it at the High School, so I have "Live, the Last Concert" which is also very good, and "Ones" which we bought at the Selena Museum, which has a DVD of videos too, which is fun.

5. Intocable: "Sueños"--This is very Garden City. My favorite song is "Sueña" (#1). It's the first song I had the kids sing. I heard it more than 200 times, and I still really like it.

6. Natalia Lafourcade: "Natalia Lafourcade"--This is really funky and fun--jazzy.

7. A.B. Quintanilla y los Kumbia Kings: This is one of my favorite bands--. I love them, except when they sing in English, and then I am forced to skip songs. Again-I may be influenced by the fact that the kids loved them, and so we listened to these CD's lots in class. I would recommend any of their CD's-I especially like "Amor, familia, y respeto", "Shhh", and "4"

8. Juanes: "Un día normal" and "Mi sangre". I listen more to the first one, but I like them both. It's Pop.

9. Andy & Lucas: "Andy & Lucas"--This is cheesy pop, but the lyrics are clear and simple, so I like it for that reason.

10. Limite: "Soy así" and "Por encima de todo"--Tejano. I really love "Soy así". Incidentally-lots of their music is written by A.B. Quintanilla too, so really-I love everything he does.

11. Crystal Lewis "La colección" I had this CD in English-she's a Christian singer who I liked in High School, and when I found the CD in Spanish I was so excited.

12. Monchy & Alexandra: "Exitos y mas" This is Bachata-from the D.R. I adore this CD, but Matthew can't stand it.

I noticed in making this that most of the people that I like have put out new CD's since I quit teaching at the High School and paying attention. My Christmas and Birthday lists are taking shape nicely.

So there you go-two answers, not too late.


In the Mix said...

Thank you so much Betsy. I knew you wouldn't forget about my question.
Also, I've never seen anyone roast any squash whole. It's so much easier to work with and get the guts out in parts. That recipe sounds really good by the way.

betsyann said...

Thanks. It does make sense, now that you say it-why work with a hot mushy squash when you can work with a nice cool firm one?

Susan said...

Monchy... Alexandra...

I'm with Matthew. I can't take it.

betsyann said...

Saying their own names in every song is their trademark. Enjoy it!

lobiwan said...

"Tu eres Mona Lisa,
Yo soy Da Vinci,
Tu eres La La,
Yo soy Tinky Winky."

betsyann said...

Very nice, Matthew!

I love to think of you on the tractor, singing along with Vico.