Tuesday, June 12, 2007


No, not the dangerous kind.
As in purging STUFF. The last two weeks I've been on a getting rid of things spree. Precipitated, I think, by too many people commenting on the amount of stuff in my basement. And helping clean out Grandma's house, and realizing I have WAY too much, and helping Megan and Travis move, etc, etc. I have donated/thrown away/Freecycled at least 30 bags/boxes full of stuff. It feels wonderful. I highly recommend it. It's hard to get rid of the first thing, but after that it's easy and fun. Here are a couple of pictures of completed sections. You'll remember that prior to the purge, you couldn't see the walls and the boxes went out at least 6 feet. All of the baby clothes are now in nicely labeled tubs instead of all of those copy paper boxes, and all of the boxes that I was saving because "they're such nice boxes" are broken down and ready for the next fire.

Please don't comment anything like "It's about time" That hurts my feelings.

Now I'm considering starting to finish the basement myself. Matthew suggested it yesterday (I think he was joking, but I took him seriously). I like to get things done, and I've always thought it looked like fun. We'll see what happens. I need to finish some other things first.
FYI-my favorite website- Craftster-was just redesigned and it's much easier to navigate and explore. Go have some fun there, I know you'll be inspired to make something. And making things is good for us.

I've been getting up early-before Anna-and going out for a little jog. I've read before how early morning exercise is wonderful, even for non morning people, but I didn't really believe it. Boy, I do now. I wake up feeling good! I never wake up feeling good. And the mornings are sometimes still and always beautiful. I ran with my Mp3 player today, but I think I prefer the birds.


Roach Momma said...

Yea - Good for you! It feels good to have a fresh start. :)

betsyann said...

Thanks. It does feel really really nice.

malh said...

I spent all day yesterday putting photos in albums with the children. Inspired partly by my sister-in-law(I say partly because I have been planning to do it for 16 years). Another inspiration. I am so excited. I hope I can find as much joy when I finally get around to household reorganization.

betsyann said...

It does feel especially wonderful to get the pictures into albums.

It was hard when I was doing your family's albums because I felt they really ought to be put all in order and done perfectly, but I knew that was not practical. I finally hit on the refrain "It's better to do SOMETHING" I would think it when I started to feel bad-and was quite rewarded when I saw everyone enjoying the albums. Even out of order, people will enjoy looking at pictures, and it won't happen if they're in boxes.

I'm especially proud of you for doing something you've been planning for 16 years. That could have been a life long plan-Yay for battling inertia!