Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Now that the painting was all done, it was time for carpet!

First we went to pick out a remnant. Anna was very patient.

We were very happy that the room was narrow enough that we didn't need to do any seams.
And that we could just glue down the tack strip and not have to drill into the concrete.

And that we could rent tools.
Carpet was a great step. Lots of worry-not much trouble at all!


In the Mix said...

Wow! I'm excited to see that room.

Melanie said...

Fun! Did you say what you're going to use this room for??

betsyann said...

It's Matthew's office. He's been in a dusty dirty corner of the basement since we moved in.

Jenny said...

Did you have to stretch the carpet? Was it hard to get it attached to the tack strip? Was it hard to cut it to the correct size?

I've seen websites where you can order the carpet directly, but I always thought it wasn't a DIY project we could do.

The room looks great!

betsyann said...

Jenny-We rented a carpet stretcher and a knee kicker from True Value. I wasn't there for most of it, Matthew said it was hard work, but not difficult.

For the next room we'll have to do seaming, and that may be tougher.