Sunday, April 05, 2009

"That is not a good project"

Anna wandered in as I was starting my project and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was going to try to make bowls out of rope and fabric. She did not think it was a good idea.

I tried it anyway.

Here's the tutorial I used.
To make these you wrap strips of fabric about 1/2" wide around rope and then stitch it into a coil with a zigzag. Pretty easy, really.

I had some orange-ish rope in my stash from a period when I was crocheting with unorthodox materials. It's fun to crochet with rope-I made a little rug and a basket-but it's hard on your hands and I used up all of the fun colors that I found on clearance and was left with the not-so-fun. Perfect for covering up with fabric!

I also love it because it uses up the bits of fabric that are too small to use in anything else but that I still have trouble throwing away.

I have lots of ideas for expanding on this-trivets, platters, I haven't tried handles yet but I think there are some neat flower shape-y possibilities there.

After I was done with the first one I showed Anna and she was impressed. :)


In the Mix said...

That's a neat little bowl.
How was Fernando?

Melanie said...

I think it was a great project! Very cute.