Monday, April 13, 2009


Anna's in that question stage you hear so much about. I didn't realize that it would drive me crazy.

Matthew likes it, he says it's kind of like one giant test. ALL the time.

I'm glad she's curious about her world, but sometimes...I get tired. And EVERY question is preceded with "Mama?" and I have to respond before she'll continue. And if she loses her train of thought in the middle of the question, she'll start over with "Mama?" all over again.

Here's one that made me laugh.

Yes, Anna?
What's a cyclops?
A monster with one eye.
Yes, Anna?
What's a monster with one eye?
A cyclops!
Oh. (That's my favorite response. It means 30 seconds or so before the next question.)


Susan said...

Where is she learning about a cyclops? And are you guys coming to visit this weekend? It would give her someone else to ask questions...

dbilberry said...

We are SO in that stage with Kadyn too. I agree, it drives me nutty too:)