Monday, April 27, 2009

Turtle Re-use

We always give Dad Turtles. For Christmas, Birthdays, Father's Day. Matthew was confused the first time he got a box, and when I bought some for his Dad once in those early years. It's just what we give men. And then we all share them.

Dad's box at Christmas (I got him a box, Susan got him a tin, we need to coordinate, I guess) was too nice to throw away, so it's been sitting in my to-do pile since we finished off the candies in January.

I knew I wanted to recover it to make a reusable gift box, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I looked through a few magazines, but the pages weren't quite big enough. I thought about fabric, but nothing seemed to fit the colors just right.

Then it occurred to me to look into my stash of old wrapping paper to see if there was anything. I can't help but buy old wrapping paper at Goodwill, but often it's too cute to bring myself to use.

The Super Dad paper was perfect!

I decided to cover it with tape to make it more durable, but it also makes it look less nice. I'll have to think about that. Contact paper?
Happy Birthday Super Dad! Want some candy?

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