Monday, September 15, 2014

Anna's Fair 2014

I also wanted to gather up all of the things that Anna did this year in the fair into one place, because I imagine I might want to know this stuff someday.  Like her record book, only online.

Swine-blue for showmanship, blue for pig.  Purchased "Tenzin"- barrow, Spot pig at 4H auction from Eugene Gross, $165.  Feed from Plymell Feeds,

Goat-red for showmanship, red for goat.  Purchased "Kora" -doe, Cross breed at 4H auction from   $  .  Feed from Plymell Feeds, hay from Eldon Alexander.

Visual Arts-State Fair Purple.  Mixed Media drawing of dove with letters, pastel and marker, cheap poster frame.

Crops- Gallon Jar of Wheat-red.  Need to fill up jar a bit more.  MJL thought label too big.

Fiber Arts- Crocheted cotton washcloth-Red.

Foods- Poppy Seed Cookies with Orange Glaze from Grandma Joan's Pillsbury Cookbook.  Blue.
            Apricot Spice Bars from Grammy Rita's recipe.  State Fair Purple

Clothing Construction-

T-shirt dress from Simple Simon -Easy Paperbag Shirt Dress Tutorial .  Actually much harder than the sundress.  Fabric from Mom's stash.  Blue for dress, Blue for showmanship.
Yellow Sundress from Simple Simon - Free Sundress Pattern.  Fabric from Mom's Stash.  Added Yo-Yo's from pinwheels of Mom's.  Grand Champion!  for dress, Blue for Fashion Revue.  

Photography-State Fair Purple for Bubbles.  8x10's printed at Walmart.  

Blue for Swan.

OK!  This should come in handy someday.  :)


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