Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pool Update

So I've been gathering information as I can (though I still haven't been in to talk to anyone official) and I want to remember some things before they fly out of my head

  • A good strong automatic cover installed under the lip of the pool to save toes.  The switch should be installed up high on the wall of the pool house.  Kids are NEVER allowed to open the cover themselves.  I get everyone ready, get myself ready, and then they wait while I open the cover.  It's always closed if I am not in the pool.  Keeps out dirt and animals and children.  
  • An outdoor shower installed at the same time is a great addition for all sorts of reasons.  
  • Someplace with no shade so that any time of the day is good for swimming.  Not hard in our treeless yard-but someday trees may grow, so think ahead.
  • "Barracuda" system is cheaper and works well out here.
  • Salt water system cheaper to maintain.
  • Light colored cover so the pool doesn't heat up too much.
  • Mr. Pool comes highly recommended from several sources. 
  • Steps are a good place to sit to play with babies, can get corner steps or steps all across one end.  Investigate other shallow options.
  • No answers about swimming laps-may be too hard to get a pool big enough to keep you from getting dizzy.  More research there.  
It's nice that talking to people with pools has been encouraging rather than discouraging.   People generally seem to love their pools and find them to be a great addition.  Hooray!  

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