Monday, September 08, 2014

Ingleside 8/20/2014

We accidentally drove to the Cabin with Daddy's wallet in the van.  Having absolutely no cash in our lives, he had to raid Jimmy's piggy bank.  

We've been doing a lot of washing sheets and mattress covers.  Looks like Katie's nightly ice water is no longer working for her.  

Grazie at 28 weeks.

Strange mix of old and new technology.  I often tear pages out of my magazines, so that I can remember to look them up later and pin to Pinterest.  

Looky looky look look!  I'm a librarian!

I made raspberry jam, peach raspberry jam, and peach jam, and then I ran out of jars.  It occurred to me as I was making the jam that I was having a ludicrous amount of fun.  Why is jam so fun?

Katie's at that age now where there's no afternoon nap, but she really needs some quiet alone time (with me).  I remember these days with Anna-time for me to do projects in the kitchen so she can play in the sink or with play-doh or paint...  I like this age.    

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