Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bag mending

I like to have a bag when I go to town to gather up all of the things-mail and errands and small purchases and lists and all of that.  

This one is my favorite, but the handles have really been used to bits.  

It's been in the mending basket, which I resolved to empty again.  I started by stitching some ribbon along each side. The white ribbon is from Christmas Jammies from Target, I think-from the packaging.  I can never throw good ribbon away, and it was so nice to use it up!  

I pinned the first one-you know I didn't pin any more after that!

Then I topstitched some matching ribbon over the top and added a little band at the bottom to cover the edges.  Good as new!  Both of those were leftover ribbons from dresses.  

It makes me really really happy to have my bag back for zero dollars.  :)

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In the Mix said...

My Vera Bradley bag is doing the same thing on the straps. Good idea to make it usable again!