Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Food Success

I've been thinking on my meal success in September, and trying to figure it out so I can replicate it and here's what I've come up with so far:

  • In September MJL is busy, but he's cleaning seed and stuff and so he can come in for dinner.  I am about a zillion times more likely to make food for him if he can come in and eat it with us.  
  •  I didn't have ANYTHING on the list that required a recipe really, or anything new, or anything on any level that is fancy or different.  Only "regular" food that is easy to make and quick.  
  • Sometimes I let the kiddos watch a show while I was fixing dinner.  
  • I made my menu weekly, and made the shopping list, and one of us actually went to the store.  
  • I cleaned and reorganized the fridge, pantry, and freezers in a nesting frenzy, so I actually know what we have and can find it.  

Now we're into October, and it's totally different, but I'm figuring that out too (I've only been married to a farmer for 15 years, so it makes sense that I'm JUST NOW figuring out how to eat during the different seasons, right?)
  •  In October there is a lot of driving meals around and driving farmers around and I should NOT try to eat dinners at the table.  I should plan to feed everyone things they can eat on the go.  
  • Hot sandwiches are easy!  I can fix a bunch at once, and then heat them all up together while I'm filling up the rest of the stuff in the bags, and then each kiddo gets a bag and there are bags for the farmers and we're off.  
  • My meal planning should reflect the reality of life for whatever season we're in.  I should only plan portable meals during Fall Harvest, instead of planning regular meals and then getting frustrated.  
  • Check the day old bread for rolls for sandwiches and sometimes the lunch meat gets marked down too!   
  •  Wrap hot sandwiches in foil.

So now I need some more hot sandwich ideas!  Anyone have anything good?


In the Mix said...

*Pulled pork (w/BBQ sauce, if you're feelin' it).
*Philly cheese steak (sliced roast beef, onions and peppers that you have fried up s little, and provolone).
*Muffulettas (lunch meat (of your choice), hard salami, good Bologna, provolone and olive salad (green, black, kalamata drained and minced with a little olive oil and oregano).
*Italian subs
That's all I've got right now. :)
So excited for that baby to get here but being patient so the farmer can get done.

betsyann said...

I've always just made pulled pork with BBQ sauce-what else would you combine it with? I make a HUGE batch at once so it would be good to have some variety.

In the Mix said...

You can make a mojo sauce to go with it, which is amazing but messier than BBQ. I was thinking for the car maybe you wouldn't want sauce?

Melanie said...

We like runzas (bierocks, hot pockets.) filled with beef & cabbage; pizza filling; ham and cheese. Longer prep, but they freeze well and travel well. Do they sell foil bags like Sonic uses? I have re-used those before and they work well to keep stuff warm. What about something in a tortilla? Taco; eggs and cheese, etc.

Your farmers are lucky to have you! :) Thanks for the reminder it's okay to have different things that work at different times of the year.