Friday, October 10, 2014

So many H's!

One funny thing about reading all of the books in alphabetical order is that you notice things like "lots of authors have H last names"

This one is about an ocean storm.  It's simple and powerful and conveys a world totally different from what our kids know, in a way that is easy to relate to.  

Another about the ocean-a fun book about Horseshoe crabs.

This one follows bunches of families as they go about their morning on a very important day--at the end they all become American citizens.  It's lovely.  

I am often tempted to skip the 1st grade easy readers.  I can see why Mo Willems has a lock on this category-his books are simple AND funny and interesting.  But this one was surprisingly good!  We have a few Pup and Hound books, I'll need to feature them for the 1st graders.  

Who doesn't love a good Christmas story?

Kevin Henkes is wonderful and I love ALL of his books.  This one was new to me.  So nice.  

Pat Hutchins has several books too, and I liked them, this one was the best.  Fun and easy to decode because the boy keeps mixing up the list, a bit at a time, so there are many hints for the reader.  

A new fairy tale!  I hadn't read anything like this one.  

James Herriot is one of my favorite adult authors.  I was excited to find these picture books-which have nice high vocabulary and pretty illustrations in a smaller package-will be good for my animal kids who are daunted by a chapter book but who need to move into something a bit tougher.  And for the younger kids who are ready for more but are still young.  

I love an immigrant story.  

Farm helping and working together and caring for the land.  

This one appeals to my use it up sensibilities.  A great lesson in what it used to take to survive, and how to thrive in it.  

A fun and inspiring book-I think that kids would want to play with paper after reading it, and it has some great vocabulary to talk about.  

Another good easy reader!  A sweet family book.  

A Christmas story to make you cry.  

Kids love this book about an exceptionally patient mother, and when I started asking them why-that was their answer!  "Because of how the Mom is".  I guess they would like us to be that patient and perfect.  ;)

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