Friday, October 24, 2014

Watching stuff

That weekend when I was sick we found some fun things to watch together as a family.  Or at least things that I like watching and Anna likes watching and Matthew tolerates and Katie likes anything on TV and Jimmy likes to snuggle so he's happy.

House Hunters International is on Netflix now and has fun insights into what daily life is like in different countries.  Language teachers refer to that as "small 'c' culture", and it's one of my favorite things.  Did you know that in Germany, people move with their kitchens?  So it was hard for the girl teaching English to find an apartment to rent that came with a fridge and oven!  And in Denmark, you bring your own light fixtures to a house!  We all enjoyed it.

The day I was home sick I watched hours and hours of Flea Market Flip.  Anna loves it too.  Teams buy things at flea markets, and then work with a team of craftsmen in a big shop to make them over into wonderful things, and then they sell them at another flea market to see who can make the biggest profit.  It's really fun and inspiring.

We've been having "Movie Night" on Friday nights, but I need some recommendations for movies.  We really can't tolerate scary things around here-last week we watched the first 3 minutes of "Tarzan" and then switched it off and tried "The Great Mouse Detective" and then happily landed on "The Tigger Movie".  We like clean and happy and easy and funny.  We are, apparently, not the general market.  Any tips?  I have free Redbox codes from McDonalds right now so it could even be a newer movie!  But really, we need some help.


Melanie said...

Help us, too! Super hard to find stuff everyone can enjoy. Have you watched Dolphin Tale? Old cheesy ones like Mouse and the Motorcycle? I found an old version of The Borrowers free on YouTube. (There was a slightly suspenseful/scary part with a ferret at the end; and an invalid who drinks. I watched it, I think my kids would enjoy it.)

MandP said...

What about Disney Classics -- the Shaggy Dog, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Herbie, etc.?? Also the newer Cheaper by the Dozen (Steve Martin)...we liked the one where Matt Damon buys a zoo...There's a new one out called "Bears" that's a Disney documentary, looks good.