Friday, October 03, 2014

Ingleside 9/25/14

Jimmy plays in this dirt ALL. THE. TIME.  And then the vacuum quit but I fixed it myself!  Take that, Fall Harvest.  

Matthew got an amp!  New strategy for bedtime (on those days when he's here-gone now for a month or so) is to have him play guitar when we put the girls in bed because then it's too loud for them to talk to each other and Katie gets bored and falls asleep!  

September Mantle.  It is my goal to leave this up until Christmas time.  It will be hard.

Jimmy got up in the morning and told me sadly "Mine. pillow. broken."

Some mornings he gets up early and makes me breakfast and brings it proudly into the bathroom while I'm getting ready.  

I'm so into making cookies with bacon grease!  They're yummy and you know my favorite thing in the world is to make things out of trash.  This feels kind of like that.  All of a sudden cookies feel thrifty.  

Grazie at 34 weeks.

This calendar represents the most successful meal making in 7 years.  Or ever.  I did a great job feeding everyone this month.  I need to figure out why...

The Bible project I keep talking about.  Reading aloud and recording Jimmy's Bible so the kids can play it and follow along.  Books on tape are the best.  I've enlisted MJL's help and we're about 1/3 of the way through.  


Jenny said...

I love your belly. Also, your September menu is the first menu I've seen any of my friends or acquaintances post that is similar to and would be acceptable in my house. Weird, huh? Maybe partly because MJL and HJH are both picky, and partly because of the tradition of good ole German home-cookin'? I learned when visiting PA that "Amish food" just meant all the things my Grandma made best.

Jenny said...

Of course, all the meals would have to be topped off with pie, cookies, or ice cream. Usually homemade. I bet my Grandma spent more hours in the kitchen than she did sleeping over the course of her life.