Wednesday, October 08, 2014

On to the G's!

I picked two by this author-she writes nice historical fiction, one of my favorite kinds of picture books because they sneak in some history and culture.  This one is about a black soldier after the Civil War. 

A fun progressive chain reaction story.  

We have this one at home, it's one of my favorites and actually changed my attitude about spiders!

An adorable story about a sock and mitten and their true friendship.  

I know I cry easily these days-but this one about a sweet little girl "helping" her neighbor was lovely. 

Just funny.  

Another Sherry Garland-this one about leaving Vietnam and coming to the USA.

A fun fairy tale.

I adore this one.  The parents are tattooed and unconventional and they live in the city and there's just something very real and sweet about it.  

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