Monday, October 13, 2014

Lonely I, and a pop quiz

And then here we are at "I", with only about 10 books!

This one was funny.  A story about a pig who loves chocolate and goes to the park.  

That's it for I!

Here's another edition of "Could you be an elementary librarian?"

I got this email from a teacher--

"Can you pull the Polacco one about the class of special needs and the one boy dies at the end?"

This one is harder, I think.  It's a newer book.  


In the Mix said...

Is it the lemonade club? It doesn't quite fit the bill but the teacher dies, right?

Melanie said...

I've read it but can't remember the title! It was a William Allen White nominee a couple years ago.

betsyann said...

"Junkyard Wonders"

It's a really great book.