Monday, February 22, 2016

Audrey Assad ~ Inheritance

MJL gave Jules a new CD for Valentines Day, because Jules can hear now (20 weeks).


Inheritance by Audrey Assad.  It's a collection of hymns.

I've been playing it on repeat in the kitchen.

I give it my highest recommendation.  I'd buy one for all of you if I could.  Available on itunes and Amazon and probably your friendly local bookstore could order you one.


Stephen and Gracie said...

Hey Betsy! Thanks so much for the comment you left over on our blog! Ha! That is great! We are on the "same schedule" (though, honestly, there is no schedule on our end) :-)!!! Congratulations. We don't have a due date yet, but I know we are a little behind you. Yes, hooray for babies! Such awesome gifts from God!

Roach Momma said...

Since I'm getting back into blogging, I should also get back to commenting! Our church released a hymns album a year or two ago and it's one of my favorites. I may have to get this one as well and start a collection!

Also, my over-due comments (I have been reading, just not commenting...) include: Yay for back to blogging! Lovely! And, Congrats! :)