Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Lent 2016

Next Wednesday, February 10, is Ash Wednesday.  Early this year-but-big win-Valentine's Day is on a Sunday, so even if you give up candy, you're ok as long as you view each Sunday as a little mini-Easter.  There are both sides to that, of course, but it's so sad when Valentines Day is during Lent, so at least for that Sunday, we'll be feasting.

Here are a few posts with some interesting ideas about what to do for Lent:

Outside the Box: 66 Things to Give Up or Take Up for Lent (in beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

The most "successful" lent we've ever had, MJL and I both only drank milk and water.  It was horrible, and we're never ever doing that again, but we did learn that we're most likely to stick with something if we do it together.  So we have to agree on something.

We will trade our usual TV after the kids are in bed for something else.  MJL got Robert Barron DVD's for Christmas, and we'll probably watch those.  We watched the Catholicism series last year and it was fantastic.  Honestly, I think anyone would love it-it was fascinating, and I think would be interesting and thought provoking for all Christians.   It's mostly Christian Theology that everyone agrees with, I think.  I'd be happy to lend our set to anyone who wants to watch it.  

Last year we had a box for the Emmaus House, and we took turns taking something out of the pantry every day and putting it in.  It was a simple thing that even the littlest kids could do, so I think we'll do that again.  

Anna wants to go to confession weekly.  I don't know if we can get to town for that, but we're going to try.  

Katie loves to pray the Rosary and it is hard hard hard with all of these wiggly people and busy schedules, so we're going to try to pray a Rosary every week.  Hopefully we can manage a decade a day on most days.  

I'm putting away some toys-we'll just have the basket of Magna-Tiles out upstairs.  They've been away since Christmas, and I'm hoping having them out alone will inspire some new kinds of play.  

What are you thinking about for Lent this year?

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Susan said...

I want to borrow your set! We're going to try and do an hour of adoration once a week and establish some sort of bedtime prayer routine with Bonnie. I'd also like to get a YMCA membership and start swimming in the morning, but that might be too ambitious.