Friday, February 19, 2016

Ingleside 2/2/2016

I took these pictures a long time ago...

This is one of the first quilts I made.  It came back to me, and the girls are enjoying having it on their bed.  I'm still working out the happy/sad mix I feel when I see it.  I guess in a divorce you don't take the things your sister-in-law made for you.  

Puzzles on the floor ALL THE TIME.

I made MJL this blanket from old flannel work shirts and jammies for his birthday.  He likes it!  And I like seeing the familiar fabrics and having more homemade things in the house, and gifts that are free and use up "trash" are my favorite things ever. 

These are supplies for the bathroom downstairs!

This is where the bathroom is going to be!  It still mostly looks like this though.  

We were incredibly fortunate to have this great couch given to us!  I would never, in a million years, have thought to spend money on nice furniture for the basement, but it is amazing what a huge difference it makes.  Who knew?  Nice furniture makes a place really a lot nicer to be in!

We cleaned up MJL's office, and some days, when it is the only tidy spot in the house, I'll just go in there to look at it and take a deep breath and enjoy it.  

I set these pumpkins back here the day after Thanksgiving to toss outside.  They were still there until Mid February, when I finally took the 30 seconds necessary to toss them into the bushes.  

I "finished" Teddy's baby book!  That means I did enough to say 'OK-good enough' and put it on the shelf.  None of them are completely filled out, and that's just fine with me.  Done(ish) is better than perfect.  

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linda jean said...

Chris has my favorite tea towel I embroidered-- it was also a gift left behind.