Monday, February 15, 2016

Modern love problem

Have you seen this around?

it's a gift you can make quickly and inexpensively - and keep all year long to show your love to your husband or kids!:

It's everywhere!  In this Valentine's book-it's the main theme.

 Each page lists a different friend and a different reason.

This book lists more and more reasons. 

This drives me crazy because that's NOT LOVE.  Love is not utilitarian.  We don't love people for what they do for us.  If Pig falls down and breaks both of her legs, is she out in the cold because she can't dance anymore?  NO!    We love people because they are unique and beautiful creations with inherent human dignity, not because they bake us cookies or make us laugh.   

Why is the world trying so hard to teach this weird wrong lesson?  

Am I alone in this crazy rant?  Have any of you noticed it?

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