Wednesday, June 03, 2009


What's the worst thing about summer?
Melted crayons in the car, of course.
We have a 20 minute drive to town that we make with alarming frequency, and Anna is my happy companion as long as she has something to do back there. What to do during summer?
Crayons melt.

Markers get all over everything and dry out.

Colored pencils need sharpening.
What's a Mama to do?

Then, wandering around Hobby Lobby, we spotted:

(picture from

They don't melt, dry out, or need to be sharpened.

Big sigh of relief.


Melanie said...

I'm sure those will be great for your little angel. :) My monkeys like to twist those all the way out; pull them out; break them off; etc. I went back to colored pencils. They (the older 2) also do okay with ball point pens. (I hesitate to write that, worried I'll go out to the van and find self-portraits drawn in ink on the seats...)

I also purchased some wiki stix from a book order this year, waiting to bring them out for a LONG car ride. They are bendable wax sticks or something, that will stick together or to a picture (not permanently.) We'll see how that goes.

Shauna said...

We haven't had much luck with those for the same reason Melanie stated. We LOVE Melissa & Doug triangular crayons, and since they aren't made of wax, they don't melt ... at least they haven't yet.

The Tidwells said...

Melted crayons - yuck! Good luck with the twistables!

betsyann said...

So far, so good.