Saturday, June 13, 2009


On Tuesday Chelsea had to go to work, so we spent the day with Jim and Dave.

First he took us to a funny/scary ammunition and gun store with lots of signs and articles about the right to bear arms.

Then we went out to his special shooting spot and set up some cans and cups and boxes and shot lots and lots of guns.

It was so fun. I had no idea, I was sceptical, I didn't think I would like it.

But it was SO fun.

Here's a list of the guns we shot:

.22 Rifle with scope
.22 Semi-automatic pistol
.22 Revolver (1940's Western)
9mm Semi-auto handgun
16 g Double Barrel Shotgun (100 years old)
12 g Shotgun
WWII Soviet Rifle 7.62X54R

My favorite was the 9mm handgun. As I think about it, my eyes get big, I breathe in, and nod and smile. That kind of favorite.

Katrina was an excellent shot! I think she hit something with every round. Her Dad would be proud.

I was not a great shot, but in this one video of me--I hit something! So pretend that it was always like that.

After we shot, we went into Oakridge to eat at the English Pub there. I had meat for the first time on the trip, unable to resist having Bangers and Mash at an English pub. It was especially exciting because Matthew and I have been watching All Creatures Great and Small on Netflix, and one of the episodes just before I left featured bangers and mash prominently. It was a very tasty lunch. As we ate, we played Scrabble on the proprietor's Grandmother's Scrabble board, which was very old and very cool, with a turntable and everything. Scrabble was fun, even though Jim beat me.

Then we headed back into Eugene and had dinner with Chelsea at Laughing Planet. Inside the restaurant there was a group of girls who had all met there to craft together. It looked like fun.
After dinner we went to do Pub Quiz with Jim and Dave and some other Eugene friends. We won the first round and all got prizes! I chose a bag of balloons. We didn't win the second round and lost the bonus round too, but we didn't cheat, and I was happy to help with the answer to the question "Name 9 countries that border Brazil". My special mnemonic; Very Clumsy Elephants Play Checkers and Upturn Pretty Bowls (Those are the Spanish Speaking countries of South America); came in very handy.
That was our last night. It was sad to go to bed, but we were pretty tired.


Amanda Stehlik said...

The gun shooting footage is AWESOME! You're my can shoot and sew. Bet Jim couldn't make a quilt! Ha!

linda jean said...

why wasn't there more cheering in the shooting videos?

betsyann said...

Because we were with boys?

malh said...

Robert said you should lean forward when you shoot for greater accuracy. I am just impressed. I do not like to shoot guns:)

matt (of michele) said...

They still allow guns in Portland? I'm impressed. Not that you probably want advice...but next time you should remember to wear eye protection...tsk tsk.

betsyann said...

Dad told me that about the leaning forward too, and Uncle Bill said I needed to put weight on both feet.

I didn't even think about eye protection.

Next time...

Jai Yen Yen said...

omg! your blog entries made me laugh SO hard it felt like i was with you guys again! good times eh?! Totally doing something like this again SOON!