Thursday, June 11, 2009


On Sunday morning we slept late and then went out to the pool. When I go to the pool, I don't usually put sunscreen on my legs, because they're in the water.

It didn't occur to me that going to the pool with Chelsea to lay out would be very different. We laid out for 3 hours. I got a mighty sunburn on my legs, but the pain was mostly gone after a day. Anna asked this morning why my skin had white on it. Still peeling.

After lunch, we went to Trader Joe's; a fancy grocery store Katrina wanted to go to, and Borders, and we had coffee at Starbucks.

Then we met up with Chelsea's friend Mary at Ta Ra Rin Thai. It was fun to eat Thai food with Chelsea and meet Mary, who we've been hearing about for years. The Garden Salad rolls were my favorite.

Then we went to get a little dessert at The Sweet Life. It was absolutely crammed full of people, we had to wait outside the store for awhile before the line even moved indoors. I had the most delicious cupcake ever-- lemon poppy seed with raspberry buttercream frosting. Katrina had chocolate mousse, and Chelsea Spumoni gelato.

We went back to Chelsea's apartment and Katrina worked on her class a little bit, while we chatted with Chelsea's roommate Marina.
Then we three girls, though exhausted, stayed up late talking again. :)

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Anonymous said...

i'm enjoying reading about your trip, b! what a fun, girly time.