Thursday, July 30, 2009

First, the craft

I was packing for both trips at once, for Oregon and for the Cabin, and I was trying to finish my big project for Linguistics, and I was trying to get in a swim everyday, so there was lots to do.

And then I thought: "I need a tiny notebook to carry in my purse when we're traveling. I should make one." I put it on the list, while telling myself that it had to come LAST, after all of the important work, like packing clothes and identification.

I didn't hold out that long, but it really only took about 7 minutes. (more than 5, less than 10)

Two coasters that I decided to put in the craft pile, some scraps of construction paper, and the lovely bind-it-all = a perfect notebook.
I love this craft tool.


The Tidwells said...

All of your bind-it-all projects make me really want one of these!

betsyann said...

Oh, it is wonderful. We should have a notebook making party and you can use mine.