Friday, July 03, 2009

Ruffle Tops

I had the great, fantastic, wonderful idea that when we visited Susan, we would all make Ruffle Tops! And Susan could learn how to use her machine! And we would have matching shirts! Crafting together would be fun and easy!

As usual, I totally underestimated the time required and the level of difficulty. I felt bad about that, but Susan pointed out that if I had accurately estimated either of those things, I wouldn't be Betsy.

We went to Joann's and picked out fabrics. I thought that part was super fun, but it stressed Abby out.

Then we went to Target to get an iron, because Susan didn't have one. (I know!)

Then we went back to the house and got started cutting. It took a long time to cut out the pieces for three shirts. I, of course, was completely baffled when I noticed what time it was. 11:00? Isn't it 8:00? Sweet Anna watched Dora and ate pizza with us way past her bedtime.

The next day after church we got down to sewing. Doesn't that look like fun?

Steven was home and he and Anna had a good time together.

Here are three girls with mostly finished ruffle tops. We still need to hem them, but it was 6:30, and time to head for home.

I think Susan did get the hang of her machine, and we did make cute shirts, and we did have fun (ish?), but I should have chosen a simpler project to start. Like this, or this, or maybe this? So many possibilities...


mllr said...

The tops are adorable! What a great big sister you are!

Steven317 said...

I know that apartment! It was good ot have you up.

Susan said...

Ooh, all those linked projects look fun.

Rachel H. said...

They turned out great! I'm going to try that top with sleeves!