Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wheat Harvest 2009

We're all done!!!

We had some fun helpers this year.

Levi came and worked and played with Anna, reminding all of us how much we love him. Jenny, can we keep him?
Father Wesley spent one of his days off in the field, hopefully learning how to run everything, just in case Levi doesn't come back. :)

Anna rode along as the blue truck "went to the doctor for a checkup" i.e.-to the weigh station.

For me, harvest is sack lunches and Gatorade. I think I made around 100 lunches, I'll have to keep track next year.

I did keep track of Gatorade-16 gallons. Made from scratch, it costs around 20 cents per quart. If I bought it at Dillons, it would be $1.00 per quart. So my harvest paycheck should be around $51.20, just a few extra bushels of wheat.

Gatorade recipe:

1 Kool-aid packet
1/2 c. sugar (then a little extra-tablespoonish)
3/8 tsp salt
2 T. lemon juice
2 quarts water.


The Gray Roach said...


Melanie said...

It's always a relief to get done!

Thanks for sharing the gatorade recipe.

betsyann said...

Sure thing Mel! Let me know if you make some, it'll make me feel good. :)