Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm in Oregon today!

First we're going to Oregon to see Jeanette and Eric and JEO, and then we're leaving Anna with them for a couple of days for some 10th Anniversary fun. (No plans, my favorite!)

Then we're going straight from the airport to the cabin, for Alsop family fun. Poor Matthew will probably not get to have much cabin time-unless you pray for rain!

While I'm gone, I don't want to leave you La Vida Betsy-less, but I have all of this travelling to get ready for, so I'm going to leave you with 12 days of cool craft blogs to peruse (in no particular order of favorite-ness).

Have fun!


malh said...

Have a blast!

lobiwan said...

You just had to link to a post with a glaring speling eror...