Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peach Drop Cookies

Fresh Peach Drop Cookies

These poor little cookies are much maligned in the reviews on Martha's website, but I like them.

It's better if you think of them as mini-cobblers, because they're not crispy like a cookie. They're much more cake-y.

But tasty!
I blanched the peaches so I could peel them easily. That was fun, it felt chef-y.

Then, of course, I did several random things to the recipe. I didn't have any peach jam, and I considered using strawberry or blueberry, but in the end just decided to put in a little extra sugar and peach juice. So my dough was pretty runny.

Anna enjoyed it though.Then I made my dropped blobs too big, which I tend to do when I'm in a hurry. Why don't I look at the clock BEFORE starting a random batch of cookies?

During baking Anna waited patiently in the tasting chair. Here she's pretending to be a cookie monster. Baked! I like them, even if they are a bit strange.

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linda jean said...

I liked them a lot.